May 12, 2010, 9:02 pm
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I am so out of shape.  So so out of shape.  My flexibility (which used to be amazing!  I was a gymnast) is next to nill and I am huffing and puffing at the littlest amount of exercise.  I have also gained a tremendous amount of weight, all the baby weight I lost.  Well, I never gained weight while pregnant, I lost about 30 pounds after.  So, something needs to give.   I joined a gym, but I feel so uncomfortable at the gym.  The music is blaring, and it’s bad music.  It’s this tugged out hip hop and it just makes me anxious to try and relax to it.  I am thinking about canceling my membership (it’s so cheap, like 10 a month) but my husband is urging me not to.  I never use it though!

But I want to get my flexibility back, my strength back and my confidence back.  So I was thinking about doing some yoga, though I have NO clue where to start.  Right now we are to tight on money to pay for a class, so I have been searching out free online videos.  I know how to do a sun salutation, but that is all.  I have no clue what type of yoga would be best for me, what sequences to do and just generally what the heck should I try!

Anyone have any suggestions?

Warm Wishes.


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I am going to write you an email tonight, after the kids are sleeping and I have a moment of free time!

Comment by Childhood Magic

thank you!

Comment by tulsileaf

hi! i can really relate! if i get the chance to do 20 min of yoga a day, i’m thrilled! when i can incorporate my 4 year old, its always fun, but i think of yoga as “me” time. yogatoday.com is absolutely amazing, and they also have a channel on youtube. if you have cable tv, and on demand, in sports + fitness there is always yoga, as well as mag rack. there are so many different types of yoga, and all are great. i try to dabble with everything, esp. with the versatility of yogatoday. good luck!

Comment by natasha ayers

hi! thanks for your response. I am now blogging at http://www.tulsileaftraders.blogspot.com

Comment by tulsileaf

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