Summer, already?
May 12, 2010, 8:41 am
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It’s May, and it’s already 90 degrees here with a lot of humidity.  I bet you are all jealous.  Probably not.

One of the strange things about living in Florida is how unaccustomed you get to whatever cold we get.  Normally, the cold that we DO get is very slight, and a lot of you northerners would laugh at me when I say I am freezing and it’s only 50 degrees.   We never really have to worry about covering our plants and frost?  What frost?  Well this year we got some severe cold weather.  So severe that everything died.  Everything.  You drive around my town and where there used to be lush vegetation, it’s all different shades of brown.  Even the Jacaranda’s aren’t as pretty(that reminds me, I need to get a picture of those, it’s amazing to see huge big trees full of purple flowers.  And when they fall off it looks like purple snow on peoples driveways and lawns) or as full this year.  On our property we had some really beautiful trees and bushes. A great big staghorn fern that sits in our grapefruit tree is half dead.  We had a 6 foot tall Gardenia bush.  It completely died.  Normally you can just cut them back and in a few weeks they will come back, our hibiscus did, but the Gardenia is just gone


so sad to lose that bush

All that green over top?  Oh those are VINES.  We are constantly fighting these vines.  Granted we haven’t gone and done crowd control in a few months since everything died, but this is just crazy.  You see that twiggy hole in the middle?  that is where my beautiful Gardenia tree used to be.  Every morning I would go outside and smell the most amazing smell.  Now, it’s gone.  I am SO sad.  Although it looks like we have some new green growth at the bottom coming up from the floor.  I hope that it is another bush.  I hope.  When I took this picture I had been hacking branches for a half an hour.  Husband had to finish up so that I could cook dinner.

Yesterday we started the garden work with the front yard.  We hacked and trimmed and pulled and raked.  Our arms where so sore, but our front yard looks so nice!


Husband is such a good helper.  Or maybe I am the good helper?  I prefer supervisor.  I have some insane allergies that prevent me from touching to much brush.  I can do clipping and some raking, but when it comes to picking it up, I just can’t.   The asthma attack that would ensue from it is not worth it.   But I did a lot of clipping with our new clippers.  They cut like a hot knife through butter!

The whole family came out, even Stingy!


oh!  don’t look at my terribly old beat up car!  That was my car I bought when I was 18.  I’m 30 this year.  She has served me well!!!

We are working with Stingy to be off leash around us in the front yard.  She is doing really well, but we couldn’t be on our toes to keep her under control, so we leashed her.  I feel it is better to be at ease and really aware when working with her than half there.  We couldn’t ask for a better family member in Stingy.   She is loving, loyal and listens.  Well most of the time!


even helped us plant some flowers.  Then tried to eat then while I was not looking.  Naughty!

The one thing I really love about working outside as the sun goes down is how quiet things get.  How calm the day becomes.  You can almost hear the earth starting to settle down for the night.  The wind changes a bit and the air gets cooler.  The light dims and the bird songs change.  There is something to be said about getting your hands into the dirt and working hard.  Makes a person sleep better.  Goddess knows I need it!

Warm Wishes!


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