May 9, 2010, 9:52 pm
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Happy Mothers Day, everyone.

I am just waiting for my daughter to get home from her Nanny’s house, she spent the night.

Hope everyone had a great day!

Warm Wishes


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A happy day to you as well mama! : )

Comment by gardenmama


Comment by tulsileaf

Hey! I hope you had a magical and memorable mother’s day!

Comment by Eillene

Thank you very much. You to!

Comment by tulsileaf

I hope your mama’s day was good!
Love the list post below, we share a lot of goals (minus the pregnancy :)).
I am HORRIFIED about your wolf spider comment! Losing that giant thing in your bedroom; don’t know if I could have slept in there. My hubs doesn’t like spiders either, but he also will do something about them when they appear, thank goodness. I hope you don’t see any more any time soon!


Comment by 5orangepotatoes

I just saw another one when I opened the door to let in my pup after I had replied to your comment. NASTY.
My husband deals with them. I just can’t kill them. I knit and spin and it almost seems like cannibalism to kill something that spins! I understand their place in the world, and I am grateful to them for eating the bugs that bite me. But man, they give me the willies!!!!

Mama’s Day was alright. I feel odd for saying this, but we don’t make a big deal out of Mothers Day, Father’s Day, or other holidays like that. I got a card that M made me in school and my husband got me a card and that was it. Plus, his birthday is a week after Mothers Day and my birthday is a week before or falls on Fathers Day. To much money!

Comment by tulsileaf

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