May 6, 2010, 8:37 am
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Chanting japa like her papa!

M tries to be like Papi in every way possible.  She is of that age that Papi is her super hero.  And why not?  He is a lovely, good person to look up to.   One of her favorite things that he does is chant japa.  Back when I used to go to temple with my husband, I was given a bead bag and some japa.  I never got into the chanting, but always kept the bag.  A few years ago M saw my bag and wanted it.  So I gave it to her.   I found it neat to see her toddling around at 18m old with her hand in the bag, shaking it and chanting. While I was taking this picture she was instructing me how to do it.  And let me tell you, she does it properly.   My husband was so proud to see her her it.  All she wants in this world is to make her Papi smile.  How wonderful.

My husband is also very excited.  The week after next his Guru is coming to Orlando to stay.  The last time he saw Guru was when he was initiated a few years ago.  He is hoping to gain second initiation.  It is going to be a fun family day trip.   I am very excited for both him and my daughter.  M is very eager to meet Papi’s guru.


sorry about my messy hand writing.  my favorite pen ran out of ink!

I am weird about pens.  They have to have a certain feel or my hand writing just goes out the window.

So we are doing to do lists.  This to do list is hanging on the hanging board we have in our kitchen.  We have many many things that we want to get done, but sometimes we lack the motivation to do it.  Maybe seeing it on paper, every day when we wake up will motivate us.  After reading it, I noticed how much of an exciting life we live.

Well, the last thing on the list makes it exciting, hehe.

Take Care!


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gotobedwith no dishes inthesink… never happens.
drives me crazy. when i move to the states i’m gettin a dishwasher, bugger it. =)

Comment by angelina

I have a dishwasher! It doesn’t make you do it anymore! (says the girl who didn’t do her dishes last night)

Comment by tulsileaf

wow…did I read that last thing on the list correctly?! Congrats! How exciting! I am so happy for you guys! what an exciting goal!

Comment by Eillene

Thanks! Hopefully we can achieve it fairly easily. We have been kinda ttc for the past year but not really.
Husband is very excited about all the practicing though, ha!

Comment by tulsileaf

Love the last thing on your list!! Maybe you should move that one up to the top of the page, and just cross off that whole “dishes” thing.

Happy mother’s day sweet mama!

Comment by Childhood Magic

Well, it IS better than dishes. I am sure you will have no complaints from my husband.

Funny thing. Both pregnancies I had came as surprises. We never planned them, so I was talking to my husband and I was like “I have no clue how to get pregnant!” I bought the Taking Charge of your Fertility book, and wow, what an amazing resource for woman.

Comment by tulsileaf

to do lists are so therapeutic! especially when sex is on them! fun.

happy crossing off!

Comment by heather

My husband would tend to agree with you!

That reminds me, when IS husband home? Hahaha.

Comment by tulsileaf

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