Juicy, juicy!
April 13, 2010, 8:36 pm
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So plump! They actually stained my cutting board!

Normally, I try to buy organic whenever possible.  Our local health food store generally has a good selection of fruits and vegetables and for a lot cheaper than Publix (our regional grocer) but these past two weeks Publix has been outdoing Natures with their strawberries.   They aren’t organic, but they are more local ( Plant City) and farm fresh.  I looked into them and they aren’t so riddled with pesticides and they are not mega freaky large and they are on sale!  4 big cartons for 5 dollars!  How can you beat that?!  And they are sweet and ripe and fresh and oh so good.  so we bought 4 cartons the other day while grocery shopping.  I started cutting them up right away and preparing to freeze half of them.
I need to get rid of the plastic. What is freezer safe and not plastic?

The bottom one is our stash in the fridge for desserts and breakfasts and the top two containers are being frozen.  I can not wait for smoothies and maybe a pie?  Anyone have a good recipe for strawberry pie?

After that, I wasn’t to into eating strawberries for breakfast, so I had a wonderful whole wheat mini bagel with almond butter and a nice glass of Keifer! Peach Keifer! So delicious.
While M was at school( I cannot wait to homeschool her in the fall. We aren’t taking her out of her pre-k because she adores her school, her teachers and her friends. Plus it’s a good school) I did the strawberries, then I fed a little bit to my husbands deities. We have been slacking on the prasadam lately. We always feel a little bit better when we have some on our plates. So I made some juice, a nice cream sauce for the strawberries (have you tried making food without tasting it? I am getting much better at it, but sometimes I do end up with things that are way under salted. Ha! Easy fix) and made up a little plate for them. The cream sauce I made is amazing. You just take sour cream, sugar and vanilla. You just add the enough sugar until you get it your desired level of sweetness. Then a dash of vanilla. I like to keep it a bit on the sour side to offset the sweetness of the fruit. It’s so delicious and such a cooling treat!

Happy Deities!

The weather has been so lovely lately. Warm with a nice cool breeze off the water. I wish this weather wouldn’t end, but I know sadly we only have a few more weeks of it. Then the rain will bring scorching temps, insane humidity and little reprieve from the sun. Normally I am one to really complain about summer and how endless it seems, but this year my husband and I are really trying to change the way we think about how much we are not that happy living here in Florida. We were driving in the car back from the beaches one day and he said “People would kill to live where we live”. And it’s true. The beach is seriously about 7 minutes from our house. We are surrounded by beautiful blue water, gorgeous blue skies. Maybe it’s always thinking the grass is greener on the other side? So, my husband and I are consciously trying to change the way we think about where we live. Change the depression it gives us and make it work for us. This year we plan many more trips to the beach, more outdoor activities, road trips.

It was a nice day yesterday though. So in keeping with the month long Children in Nature activity M went outside in our backyard and played for about 2 hours. She has learned how to push herself in the swing and can do it all by herself!! I am so proud, she is just growing everyday.

Look at me, Mummy! I am swinging all by myself!
Silly Girl!

And of course the dirt got everywhere!
I am still wiping dirt out of her nose!
Even Stingy our pup came out and enjoyed the lovely day!
Stingy says “Hello!”
On a rather sober note, we found out some rather unsettling news about Stingy. I have noticed ever since we have gotten her that she walks rather oddly. But she hasn’t been in pain and when she was examined about 6 months ago the vet didn’t say anything about her. Well since then the “swagger” she has has gotten more pronoucned. Well last night as my husband was taking her for a walk on the bike, a lady who breeds boxers (Stingy is part boxer/pit bull and something else that gives her webbed feet) actually stopped my husband on the trail and asked about her hips! She said that when she trots along her back isn’t going properly, I think she said her hind quarters dip down when she walks. Which I have noticed. Then she said the two words that no dog owner wants to hear. Hip Dysplasia. When he came home and told me this, my heart dropped. Hip Dysplasia is a debilitating hip problem that can cripple a dog. So we went on youtube and looked at some videos with dogs with this problem and Stingy walks just like them. We are trying to not worry to much, but we are going to get her a vet appointment as soon as possible. She is due for her heart worm test, so just get the exam in while we are there. So, if you could, think some good thoughts for the pup. Although she is a pain in the butt some days (Thanks Stingy for eating both pairs of M’s sneakers AND her water shoes) we adore her and she is just the best. She is only a year to.

But other than that worrisome news, the day was good.  So good I even got a bit of beading in!  We are going to be updating our etsy store by the weekend, so stop by!  I have some tulsi wood beads and some tulsi actually shaped into a tusli leaf curing in some mustard oil right now.  They just need to cure for about 2 weeks before I can string them on.  I am so excited for those pieces to come out!  I know a certain little girl that will be begging to keep one.


That one is some shell discs and amber stones. It’s a smaller necklace, good for a child or more of a choker on a woman.

Take care everyone!


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What a great deal on strawberries! 😀 Your little one is too precious. Sorry to hear about your pup–sending good thoughts her way!

Thanks for stopping by my page! Nice to ‘meet’ you here at yours. 🙂

Comment by Leslie

Thanks so much for the good thoughts for my pup. I am just really worried that she will require surgery or something and we just don’t have the resources to come up with that kind of money (we don’t have credit cards)

And thank you for stopping by!

Comment by tulsileaf

Jaya Gaura-Nitai!! 🙂

Such sweet pics,your little one *love*
Your dog is so cute! Sending good thoughts ❤
I am sorry I am so far behind 😦 Please know I have been thinking of you.

Comment by Nicole (Frontier Dreams)

You are to sweet. As I am cutting out my daughters prairie dress (she is terribly excited)I thought of your sweet little ladies. I remember seeing little bonnets that you made a while ago, what pattern is that off of? Madeleine wants a bonnet.

I am so far behind in replying to other blogs I frequent. I sit down, read but lately the gloomies have taken over.

Comment by tulsileaf

The strawberries look so delicious!
love that dirty face.

Comment by 5orangepotatoes

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