08 April 2010
April 8, 2010, 6:36 pm
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Where did Spring go?  I think we already have summer here.  Yesterday was 80!  I really can’t complain though because it was lovely and really didn’t feel like 80.


Are any of you swimming yet?  Normally I HATE going in pools with chlorine.  It makes me itch, which makes me burn more, and I just think of all the nasty stuff that is in there.  Well the other day we were driving onto the beach ( I only live about 5 minutes away) and as we were coming off of the bridge M spied it on the right hand side.

“Mummy!!!  Look at the mushroom waterfall!”

It was all over from there.  She asked what it was and I told her that it was a public pool and they had some kids water attractions there.  So we had to promise to take her there soon.  And I just can’t be like “Sorry sweetie, but there might be e coli in the water!”, I mean I lived at public pools and I am okay.  Plus, I have been wanting to swim for a while.

Yesterday was the day and off we went.   The thing I find funny is that the pool is only open from 3-6!  There is an open adult lap swim from 6am-10pm, and then the evening swim.  I hate swimming that time of the day, it’s the hottest part and I hate driving in the afternoon sun.  Plus, M goes to bed at 7.30 and when do we have time for dinner?  An hour at the pool is never enough.  Oh well.  In June they are opening for longer.  Which will be great.  The thing I really like about this pool is that not many kids live on the beach islands (most of the parents live more centrally located in the city.  We were lucky and got a great house in an old hippie beach part of town) so it’s not to busy.


Husband and M had a fabulous time.  You would think HE was the kid.  They have two water slides and he spent the better part of an hour going down both of them.  He’s climb up the top get our attention and then zoom down!  Such a thrill seeker Papi is!  M was upset that she couldn’t go down the slides, but she refuses to learn to swim.  She gets so excited to be IN the water that all of her listening skills just float away.  I was trying to teach her to swim, but honestly I know when it’s just not going to work.  She gets to excited, won’t even look at me, wiggles out of my arms and it’s just over from there.  They have swim classes, 8 classes for 40 bucks.  Which isn’t to bad, but it’s a 2 week course!  I wish they did two classes for 4 weeks, much easier.   The class is only a half an hour long, so that doesn’t give us nearly enough time to drop her off and then go do something (which honestly I couldn’t do.  I am not a helicopter parent and I trust the lifeguards to teach her, but water, my 4 year old….  If anything were to ever happen I would want to be right there) and we could swim laps while she was in class, but 24 bucks a week?  That would honestly be a 100 class for 2 weeks and that’s expensive for us.   We still need to talk about it.  But she NEEDS to learn.

In other news, we have started getting our etsy store together!  My husband started beading necklaces and bracelets a while ago and we have sold them here and there.  But not on the scale he wants to, but hopefully that will change.  He also wants to get into school to become a proper jeweler.  I strung a necklace the other day and once he is done I will take pictures and upload our etsy (link is in the tool bar if you want to check it out).  Also, we will be doing a blog giveaway in the next week or two.  Maybe a necklace, some tea, maybe some yarn.  I always love giveaways on blogs.  I never win, but it is fun to participate and it brings all the lurkers out of the woodwork.  Ha!

Today is work day.  I am starting to dread going to work.  I love who I work for, but I terribly miss being at home with my daughter.  She goes to pre-k for 4 hours a day, but we will soon be homeschooling her and I have to figure out how I am going to do that AND work Thurs, Fri and Sat.  Hopefully we can get our etsy store up and running enough to supplement me staying at home.  I doubt that though, I do make a good chunk of change.  *sigh*


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Hi there! Found you through a comment on Childhood Magic (btw any outdoor pic counts for the challenge :)). I love the your husband want to take classes to become a proper jeweler, my husband’s interests run in the soccer and video game category….sigh.

Etsy is great! Go for it!

Comment by 5orangepotatoes

Oh cool! Can I take your button to add to my blog?

My husband isn’t into video games! Which I found crazy. He likes to draw, paint, bead and sleep. Sometimes the sleeping bothers me. But he works at 5am, so I can’t get to upset.

Comment by tulsileaf

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