April 7, 2010, 6:45 am
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so, presently I’m standing
here right now
you’re so demanding
tell me what you want from me
concentrating on my music, lover and my babies
makes me wanna ask the lady for a ticket outta town…

I am totally digging this new Erykah Badu tune, “Window Seat”.  I am unsure of what I think of her video for it, but I always love what she does.  She is so intune with things I agree with and her voice is amazing.  Plus, I don’t sound like a fool singing along( she sings in my range)


She is just delicious.  There are just no other words for her.  But maybe I am biased.

Remember the yarn from yesterdays blog entry?  Well it became something.


I made her a little bag.  How cute is that?  I told my husband that I did the whole bag start to finish.  He was kind enough to remind me that I didn’t raise nor sheer the sheep.  Trust a boy to rain on my parade, but he was proud of me to.

After many times of ordering these books from the library and forgetting to pick them up, I finally got them in my hands.  I am very excited to start reading.

I am very excited to get to the songs.  I have my flute so I can play the melodies and get the notes.  Very exciting indeed.

One thing I am thinking about.  I am thinking about moving my blog over to blogspot.  I like the wordpress interface for updating, but I hate that I can not personalize my blog without paying.  Plus I like that I can log in with my gmail account.   For those of you who have blogspot, how do you like it?   I had a previous blog on it, but I never really got into widgets and putting my store on there and my flickr pics.

Oh!  My husband is going to start going a little guest spot on here.  We were talking in the car today (we always have the best conversations in the car.) and I told him that while I loved reading all these blogs, I never get to really read a blog by a man.  Talking about child rearing, spirituality and just whatever is in their minds.  I told him that I think it would be great for the blog and him personally.  He is such a smart, articulate man.  He has a lot of offer, and I know that some of you would really enjoy reading what he has to say.   Husband said he would be up for it.  So look for that in the future.  Also, we will be updating our etsy store, so come and look.  We are stringing some necklaces and maybe some bracelets tonight.  So look for them in the next few days.

Take care!


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Love the bag!! and what a sweet girl!

Comment by Childhood Magic

I meant to ask you in one of your posts. Where did you get your daughters long blue dress? It was blue and white. I am looking for longer dresses for my daughter (my mother has a penchant for buying very short dresses for my daughter. She is kind of old school and likes super short dresses on little girls) and that one is super cute.

Comment by tulsileaf

I am not sure what dress you mean—the one from the Easter in the Trees post? It is from Target. The trick for finding long dresses is to buy them in a much bigger size and then adjust the straps with a few stitches. The dress from the easter post is a 5-6 size, and my daughter is a 2. I just shortened the straps and when she is older i’ll lengthen them again.

Comment by Childhood Magic

It’s the dress on your header on the right of your blog. So pretty. Thanks for the idea. My daughter is so little that even the size that fits her (4’s) are still to big for around her. I will have to try that. Thanks!

Comment by tulsileaf

I have been having fun with Blogger. They recently added a way to get navigation tabs at the top so you can add static pages like “Home”, “About Me” etc.
There is also a new template designer you can use at http://draft.blogger.com/home and then click on Layout.
The bag and your little miss are too cute 🙂

Comment by Cristina

The thing I like about wordpress is that the dashboard is so nice. I can see how many people check my blog out, if someone links to my blog. But what I like about blogspot is that I can customize my blog a lot better and don’t have to pay. I would just hate to have to move everything over and not be able to convert these posts over there. I wish there was a way. I did my blog over there, so right now I am just playing around with how to customize it and all of that.

Thanks for the compliment.

Comment by tulsileaf

what a beautiful, colorful bag!
and a sweet little one too! : )

Comment by gardenmama

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