You spin me right round baby right round….
April 6, 2010, 4:26 am
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That was a pretty hard picture to take!

I have been accumulating a lot of blogs to read lately.   I get on one blog, start reading, look through the comments and then start clicking links and then before I know it I have a whole folder of blogs that I read and really adore.  Lately I have taken to commenting, because before I would just read and comment in my head.  I kind of feel a bit weird just jumping in, so I like to read for a while, get a feel for the blog and then jump in.  It has been nice because now I have a few new readers *waves!*.  I can’t tell you how excited I get when I see a comment in my in box.  Yes, I am a geek.  So anyways.  On my travels I picked up another fellow Floridian blogger, Childhood Magic.  Her blog is so colourful and gorgeous.  And of course my eye went straight to the link on the side with the rainbow roving.  Squee!  I knit and I am getting into needle felting and I own two drop spindles, but I am only really good at the knitting.  So, I got a wild hare up my bum and ordered some beautiful roving from Spinning Awesome Good! I just got it in the other day and oh my.  It is amazing.  To say it is vibrant is an understatement.  It is electric.  The colours are beautiful and clear and just gorgeous.  So, I was thinking about making some beads and some balls with it, then I thought I would make some eggs.  but as I was in my fiber cabinet I saw my spindle and though, well why not.  Well, why not indeed!  So I split the fiber in half then in half and then in half and then in half again.  I drafted and watched a few youtube videos to job my memory.  Then I went for it.  It’s not to bad.  I have to much twist in the yarn, so it is a bit kinky, but it came out well.  More even than my past attempts!  Right now since I am such a novice I am doing the spin and park method, but soon I know I will be doing it proper.

Look how soft and pretty that merino is!

And before I knew it, I had about 45yds of a worsted like yarn!  I was so excited.  I quickly skeined it up, washed it and hung it to dry

you can see in areas where there is to much twist.


here it is all neatly balled up

Not to bad though!  I do have to say I am pleased.  My daughter wants me to make her something with this, but I am unsure of what to make her.  I thought a headband, since I only have 45-ish yards.

I didn’t use all the yarn, only like 1/8th of it, so I am spinning some more.  This time I drafted more, and got the weight a bit lighter.  This is more like a fingering/sport weight.


M is wanting to learn how to do it.  I have some bits left that I am going to let her play on.  I hope I can get enough of this thinner yarn to do a small wrap with, or maybe a scarf for her.

And because I just can’t leave this picture out.  Our grapefruit tree is blooming right now.  You would not believe the amazing scent that is in my backyard.  It is almost sickeningly sweet right now.   You open the door and you don’t even have to put your head outside and it hits you like a brick wall.  And where there is freshly bloomed flowers, you know who are there working away…..


Can you see it?  As I was taking this pic, they flew around behind the flower.

Where’s your hive little bee?  I want some honey!

Take care, everyone!


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Hi there!
i also have just discovered Childhood Magic and therefore Spinning Awesome Good.
We have ordered a couple of roving flowers and I’ve done plently of needle felting with it so far. It’s so cool to see what it looks like spun. So bright! Can’t wait to see what you make with it!
~Angela Harris

Comment by Angela Harris

Ooooo, what did you needle felt with it? Sounds gorgeous. She is making me another flower in peacock colours (jewel tone of blue, green and purple).

Your blog, and your children are beautiful!

Thanks for visiting!

Warm Wishes,

Comment by tulsileaf

gorgeous yarn – i love the bright colors!!

Comment by dag

thanks so much!

I made a bag for my daughter with the yarn.

I just need to stop over twisting the fiber as I am spinning it. Now that I have that figured out, I need to get more roving!

Comment by tulsileaf

This is so incredible! I really need to learn how to do this. Where did you get the spindle, and how difficult is the spinning? It’s just calling my name!

I can see from your terrazzo floors that you are a Florida mama 🙂

Comment by Childhood Magic

Yes, fellow Floridian Mama. You know, truth be told, I normally HATE living in Florida. I am a west coaster ( grew up in Las Vegas) but for reasons this year I have grown to really like Florida. I am in the St Pete area (Gulfport actually. I love my new house we moved into last year).

Spinning isn’t to hard. I found a few videos on youtube and it’s just practice. I love her videos

and this one to actually spin

I have two spindles. They were both given to me by people and I have no use for two. If I can dig out the other one, would you like it? I figure I can repay them being given to me by passing them on.

Comment by tulsileaf

Oh yes! That would be so great!!! What a kind offer— gotta love the blog world. Thank you so much for those videos. Very inspired to learn now!

Comment by Childhood Magic

Okay, I am on the hunt now! It’s somewhere around here. I had it before I moved, and well you know how that goes. Email me your address to tulsileaftraders@gmail.com

Comment by tulsileaf

Found it! It just needs a rub down with a fine grit sandpaper and then you would just need to replace the small metal screw hook on the top (this one looks a bit rough, but it spins okay.

Comment by tulsileaf

i have to learn how to do this! Such vibrant colors!

Comment by Cristina

I find spinning so addicting!

Comment by tulsileaf

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