Spring has sprung!
March 23, 2010, 1:18 pm
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As my daughter said when she woke up on Saturday,

“The Root Children have come!  The Root Children have come!”

I am a bit late on blogging about this, but Mother Earth stopped by our house, gave our nature table a makeover and her and the Root Children left some gifts.  It was a pretty good way to start off the change of the season.  And we were very glad to welcome in spring!  Down here in Florida, winter has been very “cold”.  Normally I am one to love the cold weather, but my blood has gone thin and I don’t tolerate it so well.  Plus having terrazzo flooring doesn’t help.

This is what the root children left us!  Things for the nature table.  They left a felted egg with two bendy girls, another felted egg that laid on it’s side makes a great bed for the girls and rocks.  They left some fairy wings (which will be going back to the fairy store as they broke!) and a new book to use as lovely scenery for the table.

These are two little bendy girls from Princess Nimble Thimble .  They are lovely, came wrapped up all gorgeous and I want ten thousand more.  A bit expensive, but when you see the workmanship involved in them, you won’t mind.  M gave them names, but for some reason I can’t remember them!  They are good names to.

This book is really lovely.  It’s called The Golden Egg Book.  It has wonderful artwork in it and makes a lovely backdrop for the nature table.

Here is one of the eggs I felted.  But instead of cutting it so it looks like a cracked egg, I cut it long wise.  It looks like a neat little home for the bendy girls to sleep in, or a little holder for some of the rocks (these are picked out by Papi.  There is a beautiful green rock shaped like a heart).  Later on I might felt a design on it.

All snuggled up!

Slowly but surely we are figuring out how the nature table works.  She loves her nature table, but I do have to figure out a way to make her understand that it is to interact with but not destroy.  For about 20 minutes yesterday I did find myself getting quite cross with her because she kept dropping our new stackable rainbow on the floor.   The first time was an accident, but the second, third and fourth times were not.  One thing I can not deal with is disrespect of things.  I really have to work on my reaction to such things though.  Calmer, calmer.  I want her to enjoy the nature table, but how do you get them to understand that there is a bit of reverence that goes along with it?  She’ll take the book down, flip through the pages and then just put it somewhere.  Take Mother Earth off, play with her and then just leave her laying face down in the pond!  Poor Mother Earth!

But the Spring Equinox was lovely, I did have to work though so I didn’t get to fully celebrate.  But that is okay.  I wanted to go out and take a lovely walk on Sunday, but it poured and we had a day inside.  Since then we have been pretty busy, so hopefully this week I can get in a little celebration for myself.

Yesterday we got a lovely package in the mail though!  I went on a little buying spree and my “sprees” are really spending 20 bucks and getting a small package in the mail!  So many things I want, but my eyes are bigger than my pocketbook.   When I got home from work today I found that we had a package all the way from the Czech Republic!  How exciting!  So I open up our package and what do we have?!?

A beautiful Rainbow stacker and little root children from Rjabinnik!  I need to take better pictures of them because these horrid, blurry pictures do not do them justice.  We ran into a bit of problems with shipping, but he was super lovely to work with and I would totally buy from him again.  Actually I am eying my next purchase!  The pieces are made well, painted well (you can still see the wood through the paint, which I LOVE), but one word of warning, read the measurements of these, I kinda didn’t.  The daffordil is BIG.  It almost the size of my hand!  Opps!  but it looks lovely on the table and adds a bit of woodland magic to it!

So here is the Nature Table with everything on it so far.  We decided to take the stream out (which was just a bit of roving) because M kept pulling on it and tearing it and wanting to use it like a whip.  I do need something to lay under it, right now it is to green pillow cases I have.  Not very attractive.  Maybe some playsilks?

I am desperately trying to find our rhythm in the house.  I am, by nature, a very disorganized person.   So trying to organize our day so that it flows is slightly overwhelming to me, but I know that my child desperately needs it.  Since the time change, we are all over the place.  We are eating later, going to bed later, getting up later.  The spring ahead always takes me at least a good month to get used to.  This one, this year is just torture.  Yesterday we missed preschool because we woke up to late (9am!).  I just need to figure out how to do things more orderly, without losing the spontaneity that I have to have!


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Love your nature table. I spy Tulasi arounf your little one’s neck ❤ ❤

Comment by nicole (frontier dreams)

Thank you! It is a work in progress, but I like to think of our whole lives like that.

My daughter doesn’t go anywhere without her dear necklace. Speaking of Tulsi, our one left her body weeks ago. I am still mournful of it, but we are waiting for her small trunk to dry out more and we will be making some beads out of it.

Comment by tulsileaf

such spring beauty!
i love seeing the creativity of nature tables : )

Comment by gardenmama

thank you so much!
I am looking into doing some wet felting for a mat. Those always look so lovely!

Comment by tulsileaf

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