04 March 2010
March 4, 2010, 2:46 pm
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When I was a little girl, I was an avid reader.  No, strike that, obsessive reader.  I can’t remember how old I was when I learned, I think around the normal age, but once I learned I couldn’t stop.  The librarian at my elementary school knew me by name because I was ALWAYS in there.  When I was 8 I freaked myself out by reading the Elephant Man book.  To this day, I remember the smell of the book.  It was seriously WAAAAAAAY different than the smell of all the other books.  An unsettling smell.  But I loved that book.  Every year I would get the achievements for most books read and this carried on into middle and even high school.  Somehow after I had my daughter I stopped reading.  Which, I find is just so sad.  I am getting way into reading to my daughter.  She loves books to be read to her and she loves a good story.  We have read Stellaluna, which she wants me to read every night.  I think she is going to get a bit upset when we return it to the library!  The good thing is that she loves going to the library.  So do I.  We have a quaint little library a miles or two from the house.

With that being said, I was so excited when I came across this

Words can not describe my joy when I saw this on the shelf.  Tears nearly came to my eyes.  This series is my most beloved childhood memory.  I have read this series more times than I have fingers and toes.  I even have the Little House on the Prairie from my school library because the teacher knew I loved it so much she let me buy it for 50 cents.  Standing in the library, with my eyes blinking back the tears so to not look like a fool, I opened the book up and smelled it.  Standing there holding this book was not a nearly 30 year old woman with her own daughter, but a 10 year old girl in her school library dreaming about living with Ma and Pa and Mary and Laura and Baby Carrie.  Dreaming of running through the prairie barefoot looking for beads that Indian camps left.  Of wearing a sun bonnet and riding in the wagon.  Churning butter and and baking bread.

We have read two chapters so far and I can nearly recite every word to the book.  I found myself running through the pages ahead to see if things that happened to them where still in the book.  Making maple candy on the snow, the stories Pa would tell and just the daily things they would do in rural living.  Only there are a few things I find myself being conflicted with when telling the story to my daughter.  First off, when Laura got whipped for slapping Mary’s face,  but daughter didn’t understand.  We don’t spank and for a minute I thought about omitting that part, but I couldn’t bear to omit ANY part of the books.  Because it was true and it happened.  So I explained why we don’t and how that was what parents did back then.  She seemed to understand, which is a bit hard for a nearly 5 year old.  The other thing she had a hard time with was Pa killing the bears and pigs for meat.  There was a few pages on a pig being slaughtered and that worried my daughter.  I had to explain to her that that is what they had to eat back then.  We are religious vegetarians, even though she is of her own free will to eat what she wants, and when she heard about this, she got very upset.  But I didn’t want to shield her from that.  After a good talk, she seemed to accept it.

It’s wonderful though, I find myself looking forward to our story time now.  We sat curled on the couch last night reading another chapter and snuggling.  Story time isn’t so rushed.

Wash on Monday

Iron on Tuesday

Mend on Wednesday

Churn on Thursday

Clean on Friday

Bake on Saturday

Rest on Sunday

Doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.


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Sounds like me. Laura Ingalls Wilder was one of my favorites. I read every book over and over and over again.
In fact, I have a gift card to the book store, and am planning to go this afternoon – I miss reading!

Comment by woolies

They are amazing books. Books that teach so many wonderful things. I am trying to take from it, this time around being older, how to live simpler. How to just not take things for granted and how to live in the moment. It’s hard, but so worth it.

I really want to buy the whole series, but it’s a bit to expensive right now. So for now we will just borrow them from the library. Which is lovely. I love having an excuse to go in there. That reminds me. I am going to go back their today and get the rest of them so that I can read them for myself.

Thanks for the comment. Stop by more often!


Comment by tulsileaf

Have you seen the series called ‘My First Little House’ picture/story books? The pictures are so beautiful and my two year old and almost 5 year old love, love, love the books! I can’t wait to read the ‘real’ books to them!

Comment by rosaleen

No, I haven’t. I will definetly(did I spell this right? My husband and I just discussed the spelling) check it out. Right now we are reading the Little House on the Prairie series and adoring it. M is almost 5 and it captivates her everynight. I

Comment by tulsileaf

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