22 February 2010
February 23, 2010, 2:50 am
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I am trying to muster up an update for this blog, but right now I am so sick.  My daughter and I have been battling colds/flu/strep/sinus infections since late October.  Never have I been so sick in my life.  She is in her first year of school, pre-k, and I know that she will get sicker than normal.  But this is insane.  No one in her school is sick!

Well the other week I had strep and got a big dose of antibiotics for it, and I had a nice sinus infection to.  Well Friday I woke up feeling kinda blah.  I thought that it was just the left over blahs from being sick.  Nope.  Saturday I woke up and my throat was itching and by the nighttime it was burning and I had a fever.  AGAIN.  So this whole weekend has been spent with me on the couch again, coughing and with a sore throat.  My neck is so sore.  I am just over this.

And when I thought it couldn’t get any worse?  Yesterday while I was home by myself, after a full day of my mother coming over and helping me clean the germs out of my house, someone tried to break into my house.  We had all the windows open to air the place out and in the morning when my mum opened the windows in my daughters room nothing was wrong with the screen.  My husband and daughter went to temple around 5pm and came back around 9.30.  I had her door shut, so her window was open and the room was dark (her window is on the side of our house and there is a big bush under the window).  The rest of my house was pretty dark, the only light on was in the computer room where I was vegged out.  No car in the driveway.  We suspect they tried to get in between 6-9pm.  The screen to my daughters room was pried off enough that you could get a hand under it.  I have no clue what stopped them from coming in.  Maybe they heard me?  Maybe they heard my dog barking?  I dunno but whatever did, thank Goddess it stopped them.   I don’t know what I would have done, by myself, if someone had come into the house.  We don’t have weapons in the house, well except for my knitting needles, but we do have my lovely big 60+ pound pit bull Stingy.  She is the sweetest dog, but I would imagine had she seen me frightened she would have defended me.  We normal crate her over night and while we leave during the day.  Last night we left her out, and thank Goddess she was a good girl and didn’t do anything.  We also left her out while we were gone early this morning.  Still a good girl.

So I called the police and they came around 11pm.  They dusted for prints and took pictures.  I have a case number, but I am not sure of what to do.  Do I call them for follow up?  Will they call me?  I think that they are sending someone to keep an eye out for us.  Which is nice.  The police man was super nice and very helpful.  I am just nervous.  I normally feel so safe in my house, but right now I am restless and nervous.    And well tired and sick.   This time around the sickness is making me even worse.  Which I think is added to by the anxiety.


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