12 February 2010
February 13, 2010, 4:18 am
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I thought I wasn’t going to make it for a moment then!  This past week I have been so sick, so sick that I haven’t felt this bad in a few years.  Smoosh ended up bringing some something flu-like back in November and we were both treated with antibiotics because of sinus infections.  Well, I thought it had worked, but unfortunately it didn’t.  I haven’t felt 100% since November and last Thursday afternoon I felt that familiar pain in my face and made a doctors appointment.  We are self pay with the doctors now and it really concerns me to go (and I try to make it as infrequent as possible) but I just didn’t feel right.  So I called around 2pm and made an appointment while at work.  Well within 4 hours I was planted on the couch with a 102 degree fever and couldn’t swallow.  I ended up with strep throat!  It has been at least 15 years since I have had that.  It was crazy, I felt like I had swallowed glass and I kept drooling because I couldn’t swallow.  Lovely!  But thank goodness I got some medication and within 2 days I felt much better.  I actually finish my meds up tonight.  So glad, because they make me tired.   But at least I feel much better.

I am working on a shawl right now that I started sometime last year.  It’s the vernal equinox shawl.  Maybe tomorrow if the sun decides to show I will snap a pic of it.


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