And January flew past…..
February 1, 2010, 4:14 am
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Where did January go?  Where did 2009 go?  I swear, it is spring already!  Well for us in Florida it is.

Things around here have been slow.  Lots of staying in, milling around the house and waiting for that all important tax return.  Friday is the lucky day.  I am patiently counting down the days until I can go to the car dealership and drive home our new car.  Please ohh please.   We need something bigger, nicer and cheap.

The nature table is coming along.  We just received the pond and the duck in the mail the other day.  We are awaiting a few other things from etsy, and we need a better cover for the table.  But so far so good.  M wanted to include Oswald our fish in it, so I said sure.   Little by little we will be adding to it.

And here is Oswald.  Our other Betta sadly didn’t make it.  We rescued him from my old work, but he was neglected to long that his fin rot just overcame him.  Poor Jamal.  But M wanted another fish so bad that we thought it was alright to get another.  Oswald is just lovely to look at.  He gets very excited when you go up to his home and swims all over to get your attention.  Doing little flips and twirls.  We want to get him a bigger home as I know it would be more comfortable and exciting for him to have more room to swim.

Pretty boy.

Really disjointed blog entry.  Maybe tomorrow or the next day I will make a nicer one.


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