A whole pair!
January 26, 2010, 4:59 am
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Stop the presses!  I actually finished a whole pair of socks for my daughter!

Although I think they are a wee bit to short on her feet, but I will wash them and stretch them a bit.  I am not reknitting them.

But she was so happy when I put them on her feet.  Grinning and gasping and wiggling her toes.

Then she had to run outside and play in them right then and there!

I feel so accomplished that I finally, after only 2 years of her asking, made her a pair of socks.

The rest of our day was quiet and lovely.  We share a vegan blueberry muffin

And she wore her Oobi eyes all day long, like everyday

Short post, but I just wanted to share a bit of our day.  I do find myself needing to spend more time with her.  I feel like sometimes I ignore her or tune her out.  She has so much to say, and so much to share that I need to focus more on her, engage her more.  Be with her more.

Tomorrow is always another day.


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