20 January 2010
January 21, 2010, 5:01 am
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I really need to change the layout of my blog, but i can’t be bothered to figure out how.  Haha.  I should just go read up about it and make this a bit easier on the eyes.

So, I know have been a complainer of the year round heat.  Living here in Florida makes some of us long for seasons, snow, cold weather and just general King Winter.  Well, I got what I wanted the other week.  Almost 11 days of arctic cold!  So cold that my grapefruit tree fruit froze, my lawn died and about 40% of the bushes around my house, I had a nearly $300 power bill in January ( normally it is around 100) and everything around here looks dead.  It’s crazy.  It was 27 degrees at 1pm on a Saturday.  My house was freezing and that morning I actually saw some snow.  I am less than a mile away from the beach and I saw a few little stray flurries.  Crazy I tell you.  I was glad when it was gone, but the only reason I was…  Because I am so unprepared for it!  I don’t own a warm jacket.  Don’t have scarves and hats and mittens.  Actually I stole the Icarus shawl I made for my mother in malabrigo lace-weight and it was amazingly warm.  So warm.  Plus the molly colourway was gorgeous.    I wish I lived somewhere that I could prepare for cold and have a winter wardrobe.  I would be in heaven.  I need to move.

I wish we could use our tax return to move, but we have to buy a new car.   I am excited about getting a newer car, we are buying used.  But I want to move so bad.   I think it would do us some good, but it’s not in the cards for us this year.  Hopefully next?  I have no clue.

M got a new scooter.  Well, new to her.  Mum picked it up at a thrift store and the only reason I will allow it to be disney princess is because it is recycled.  I am trying to figure out a way to paint over the scooter with spray paint.  I hate disney princess.  I hate it with a passion.  But M loves riding it up and down the street and it’s wonderful to see her coordination coming up.  She is a clutz and not a very physical kid.  Like her Mummy.  She also got a helmet and why am I struggling with letting her wear it?  It looks stupid, but I know it protects her. I just remember me never having a bike helmet.  I never wore one and I took many of a tumble, but I know it only takes one good smack on the head to be in trouble.  Good thing she likes it.  My mother wanted to buy her elbow pads and shin pads and I drew the line.  The kid is going to have to get some scrapes and bumps.  As much as it makes me feel sick to think of it, it’s life.

She has an amazing cackle.  Over the last few weeks she has been perfecting it.    We practice in the car, much to Papi’s angst, and all around the house.   Most times it grates on my nerves, but sometimes it is music to my ears.

Look at how brown my lawn is!

She is really into dressing in bright colours and prints.  I love it.  I love picking out bold pattens on her and she is one of the small population of kids that black looks good on them.  She looks good in the dark colours.  It’s the Puerto Rican in her.


Another thing that M loves to do is help with dinner.  Last night I let her help me cook the whole thing.  I chopped all the veggies, but she washed them and put the chopped veggies on their little plates.  She helped me divide out spices and to stir things.  She even made the salad herself!  What a proud little girl she was and when dinner was served she made it a point to tell Papi that she made the whole dinner herself.  Ohh yeah and Mummy helped a bit!

scrubbing taters!

grinding spices.

She was so pleased with herself at cooking dinner and I let her wash a few dishes when we were done.  We had a lovely evening cooking together.  Its something I am going to start having her help me do.  It makes her eating dinner MUCH easier and she understands what goes into making food and appreciates what I cook.

And while we are on the subject of helping.  The dog, Stingy, helped me with laundry the other day

I love her socks.  Somehow I don’t think her folding the clothes would be very “helpful”.  Stingy is getting awfully big.  She is 10 months old right now and … wait she is 11 months old.  She turns a year next month.  But she is closing in on 60 pounds.  When we first got her we saw the boxer in her and because of her webbed feet and her muzzle we figured she has german pointer in her.  Sounded like a good combo.  I grew up with a boxer mix and while they are endless with their energy, they are devoted and great “mama dogs”.  Well the other week she is running around the dog park and she just comes around me and I catch a glimpse at her from the side.  She is defiantly pit bull.  That dog is a tank!  Her chest is so barrel like and her head has rounded out a lot.  Stingy is sweet, loving and while she is overzealous with her puppy energy, in about a year she is going to calm down (ohhh I hope!) and be a wonderful girl.  I tested her out of the crate when the house twice today.  The first time was for 15 minutes and then the second time was for a half an hour.  Stingy was a good girl and I actually found her sitting by our front door, which is a full glass panel, waiting for me to get home.  Good girl.  You better not chew my sofa!


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