08 December 2009
December 9, 2009, 4:12 am
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Ohh, Ikea I love you.  I love how monster sized your stores are, but once you get inside it doesn’t feel any bigger than say a grocery store?  Maybe not even that.  I do not like stores that you walk in and they feel like an enclosed football field.    Makes me nervous.  This one didn’t.  It had a lowish ceiling, smaller rooms and it was quiet.  Not tons of noise.  I hate shopping with music blaring, people screaming and just the general noise.  Can’t concentrate.  Anyways, my Ikea love.

So I found about 4 couches I want, about 4 slip covers for my own couch, and tons and tons of kid stuff for Madeleine.  We found a lovely shelving unit (it is actually a tv stand, but she wouldn’t know that and it was half off at $60 bucks!) so we need to go back because it was way to big to get in my brothers rental car.  Sucks, I hope we can’t get it.  It’s a pretty long drive to get up there.  I don’t have a car either.

I bought M some cute little metal pots for her kitchen and this little china tea set.  Mum got her a duvet set and some play utensils and the plate set.  I want to live in Ikea.  Ooooo, and I got Marzipan tarts!


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