November 26, 2009, 5:56 am
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I always fret the night before on what I am doing for Thanksgiving.  A terrible procrastinator, is that what you would call me?  Probably.

The harvest loaf(a tofu based main course) I should have made tonight has not been made.  Oh no!  I will do it tomorrow.  Poultry Seasoning I should have bought?  Still at the store.  Oh well.  Fret I will not.


So tomorrow M and I get up really early (well in a few hours) and get dropped off at my mothers while my husband works for a few hours.  I will cook the day away and not get anytime to relax afterward because right after we eat with Mum, we leave to visit the in laws who live down the street.  It’s not that I do not want to see my in laws, I always love seeing them, but I like to lay on the couch like the stuffed bird I am and watch some tv.  At the in laws house the tv choices are well, not my cup of tea.  Oh well.


What am I thankful for?

-my family.  My daughter and husband remind me why companionship is amazing

-my dog for being not so destructive.  For a 9 month old puppy, we couldn’t ask for a better little soul.  AlthoughI will be really grateful for when the time comes she stops stalking around the house.  Makes me nervous.

-for trying to better myself one day at a time.

-my hoola hoop.  5 minutes kicks my butt, but tomorrow 6 minutes will

-my job.  I work part time with my mother and it allows me the freedom with my daughter.



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