November 26, 2009, 5:56 am
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I always fret the night before on what I am doing for Thanksgiving.  A terrible procrastinator, is that what you would call me?  Probably.

The harvest loaf(a tofu based main course) I should have made tonight has not been made.  Oh no!  I will do it tomorrow.  Poultry Seasoning I should have bought?  Still at the store.  Oh well.  Fret I will not.


So tomorrow M and I get up really early (well in a few hours) and get dropped off at my mothers while my husband works for a few hours.  I will cook the day away and not get anytime to relax afterward because right after we eat with Mum, we leave to visit the in laws who live down the street.  It’s not that I do not want to see my in laws, I always love seeing them, but I like to lay on the couch like the stuffed bird I am and watch some tv.  At the in laws house the tv choices are well, not my cup of tea.  Oh well.


What am I thankful for?

-my family.  My daughter and husband remind me why companionship is amazing

-my dog for being not so destructive.  For a 9 month old puppy, we couldn’t ask for a better little soul.  AlthoughI will be really grateful for when the time comes she stops stalking around the house.  Makes me nervous.

-for trying to better myself one day at a time.

-my hoola hoop.  5 minutes kicks my butt, but tomorrow 6 minutes will

-my job.  I work part time with my mother and it allows me the freedom with my daughter.



24 November 2009
November 25, 2009, 3:53 am
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I do love  a good pot pie.

The one thing I really hate about this time of year in Florida, among the many things I hate about Florida, is how off I feel.  I know that the weather “should” be cooler and that fall dishes like pot pie, pumpkin bread and the like should be warm and comforting.  Instead, it falls a bit flatter.  Thanksgiving is when the home smells warm and alive.  But when it is 77 degrees outside cooking inside sometimes is painful.


I still do cook a good pot pie.


M thinks so to.


Hopefully this terrible cough M and I have goes away.  I was supposed to be off tomorrow, but I got called in and I can’t say no.  Well I can, but extra money would be nice.  Hopefully I can last the day.

23 November 2009
November 24, 2009, 5:04 am
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So, husband and I have a store that we are trying to get off the ground on Etsy .  So far we do not have a logo, but we are working on that.  It’s a bit overwhelming to try and get things orderly.  Get things for shipping, make business cards, do a logo…   Sometimes I feel like we run in circles and that one day we will get off the ground, start running and make some money.  I have lots of great ideas for the store.  There is a little bit of everything in there.  Some jewelry, some knitting, some handwork, some art.  I think that a good mix of all is pretty well.  Our name is Tulsi Leaf Traders.  I really like it.  I think that it encompasses things about both sides of us.  Did you know that Tulsi not only holy for some people, but it is apart of the Basil family?  Win all around.


Lately we have been thinking about what we are going to do for M when she reaches the age of kindergarten next fall.  Right now she is in a rather sweet little pre-k for a few hours a day so I don’t worry.  But the idea of putting her into public school in Florida (of all places) really bothers me.  So Husband and I have been talking extensively and I think we are going to home school her next year for sure, then see how we go after that.  M is a smart, very social little being.  For a moment I worried about her making relationships with little ones her own age, but that quickly subsided when I thought about how well she does in social situations.  Compared to many of her peers who have been in some sort of schooling/day care for years she is well advanced.  I think when you think of the socialization of children the first thing that comes to mind is just them socializing with their peers.  For M, it goes far beyond that.  She can hold her own in a room full adults and a gaggle of children.  So I think that we will be able to move past that fear and home school effectively.    I am starting to compile some reading material right now.  The sheer amount of resource on the web is overwhelming, so I think a trip to the library is in order.  I just need to look through their online catalog and see what they have.   Have some books ordered in for me.  We are hoping to incorporate aspects of Waldorf into her schooling.  I love the way things in a Waldorf school setting look.  The pretend play, the fairies and the gnomes.  The make believe.  I am unsure of the religious undertones, but like life paths, you can cater it to your own desires I would imagine.


Speaking of Waldorf, I have already started with a Nature Table.  Now, looking at it after I set some of it up, it’s not so natural.  Ha.  But I got this neat little snow set for $5 dollars at the local Joann’s, and for a girl who longs for winter in the Sunshine state a little bit of fake snow won’t hurt.  I have this just generally distaste for Floridian weather and when I express that to people, the look of disappointment and confusion is amazing.  I like cold weather.  I see blogs and pictures of families in hats and scarfs and boots and it makes my soul quiver a bit.  More on that in this blog, ohh I assure you.  Back to the Nature Table though.


I did it at 10pm while M was sleeping.  We are going to finish it together, but I wanted the beginning of it to be a surprise.  The set I bought included the fake snow and the little ice pond.  Oh and the lights to.  I really think the lights are sweet, although I would have liked them better in white.  It had like 3 different types of fake snow, the bottom table cover with the scalloped edge, then the fluffy wool like snow, and then the plastic glittery sprinkle snow.  I used some rocks to create a wintry shore around the lake.  Amethyst and clear quartz are the rocks I used.  I really like the way it looks, the way the colours reflect off the crystals.  A few days ago I started needle felting, so I have a tiny little pink gnome baby in there and a larger snow fairy I did.  The snow fairy isn’t the best attempt, but she is sweet and my first attempt.  The best thing, my daughter loves her.  She thinks everything I needle felt is for her.  Okay it kind of is.




Needle felting.  I think I have found another passion.  I started a day or two ago.  Having a pretty knarly cough does give one some free time.  I scored a huge big piece of foam for $1.45 at the fabric store and I got some needles and some crap roving.  It is so much fun.  I am using also the left over wool batting that came with M’s Yule Waldorf Doll kit.  I have a lot left over, I guess that means I didn’t stuff the doll enough.  Haha.  But I have been finding times during the day now that I am pretty sick feeling to make this happen.   I really enjoy needle felting.  Calming.  Must be all the stabbing with sharp pointy things?



I just need to add a loop on the back so that she can hang on a tree or from some twigs on the nature table.  She is sweet and I am awfully proud of myself for learning so quickly.  Of course there are some problems with her, but I think that adds to her charm.

I realized that it looks like she has a rather ample bosom.  M just told me “ohh she must have a lot of milk in her boobies”.


Everything reverts to milk in the boobies for M.  Everything.  Weaned a year and still adores boobies.  I adore her little spirit.

hello everyone
November 22, 2009, 10:48 pm
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Hello world. I am trying to carve out a niche somewhere, explore and develop something. Don’t know what yet……..